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Brow Services

Brow Specialist 

A creative beauty professional licensed to transform your brows from fraternal sisters into identical twins, dedicated to getting your brows in shape without hitting the gym while running on coffee and surrounded by hot wax, tweezers, and products.

  • Wax & Henna - $40

  • Wax & Shape - $15

  • Ombre powdered Brows - $450

  • Combination Brows - $480

  • Cover up on permanent brows -$500

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Wax & Henna Master Course

All of my in-person and online courses are designed to make sure everyone gets the same quality of learning experience. The only difference between the courses is the amount of time or hands on practice that each individual feels that they might need in order to succeed in the brow industry. The kit will bring everything you need to create beautiful henna brows with a super natural ombre effect. Below is a description of the different course options, prices, and duration of the class. 

0nline 2 day course - $1000 ( 2 live models included)

In-person 1 day course - $1100 ( 2 live models included)

In-person 2 day course - $1200 ( 5 live models included)

Online or In-person workshop for current brow artist that have experience in henna but want to perfect it ! - $500 (2 live models) - this course will only include a small starting kit.

The kit provided is the same for all my students. You MUST book 2-3 WEEKS before your training date. This is to make sure I have your kit and certification ready for the day of your training since our products come from Brazil. If you are taking an online training you are also required to book 2-3 weeks in advance since I have to make sure I send out the kit so you can have it with you the day of the training as well.

When booking you will NOT be charged. I will send over an invoice so you can pay the deposit of $500 and the rest will be due the day of the class.

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